An Easy Trick To Terminate Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Throughout my journey of being possessed with the fear of others judging me and voicing their opinion due to my public speaking, I realized that there was only one simple trick that evolved my communication skills.

Back when I first recorded myself speaking in front of the camera, it felt like a sharp nail sliced through my throat because I was uncontrollably shaking and my words weren’t flowing the way I wanted it to.

My main objective was to analyze my coach’s public speaking seminar and say exactly what he said on camera. Each time I would speak in front of the camera, my anxiety and fear would control my every move and it caused me to stop recording. Now, recording yourself may sound easy to you, but it was an obstacle that I had to overcome.

As I was diving into my coach’s speech, I realized that my speech was completely off track compared to his speech. His speech seemed picture perfect, his tonality was flawless, his body language was impeccable and his confidence was untouchable.

So I asked him the following question, “Hey Coach, I was reviewing your speech and I want to speak just like you. What am I doing wrong in my speech?”

“Daniel, the easiest trick to overcome your fear of public speaking is to model my behavior,” my coach said. He told me that my tonality and body language was off. When he told me this, I was a bit confused because I truly believed to the back of the bone that words were the most important piece to the puzzle. But he told me that your communication revolves around your body language (55% of your communication), tonality (38% of your communication) and your words (7% of your communication.)

Once he expressed this to me and I implemented what he said by modeling his behavior, I was able to speak in front of 1000s in the near future. If I didn’t take the chance to get a coach, I wouldn’t have been able to express my story in front of 1000s today nor would I have been able to terminate my fear of public speaking.

Gaining a coach was the easiest way for me to overcome my biggest fear in life.

As you are overcoming your fear of public speaking, you have the opportunity to have someone guide you through the process and analyze your mistakes so you can improve within your communication.

By seeking guidance from a coach, you are not only making your life easier but you are avoiding barriers that can possibly come your way.

I actually created a groundbreaking video on the impact you can have by seizing an online coach, you can see it here.

-Daniel Francis