What Is Your Purpose?

I want you to envision where you want to be in the next 5 years from now and ask yourself this question “what is my purpose?” There are a few of you that may know the answer but the others are in the process of finding out.

Once you analyze your vision, you can see where you’re heading… it’s called the law of attraction.

By constantly analyzing your actions you become the magnet of what you produce into the world. So if you produce positive energy into the world… you gain positive results. For example, being introduced to influential people, gaining new opportunities or earning a greater income. You have to look for opportunities that’ll allow you to find your purpose.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

It’s not about doing this alone either. Ask yourself this question, “What’s the most effective way to find my purpose?” This was a question that I would ask myself each second of the day. But I realized that the answer to this question was sitting next to me… through a screen… or even across the world.

“Everyone has a purpose in life…a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of goals.” — Deepak Chopra

It’s vital to ask yourself these questions, “Who can I ask for help to find my purpose?” “Who is going to push me harder to achieve my ambition?” It can be anyone… but you can’t choose just anyone.

You have to find people that are:

  1. Purpose- Driven Oriented
  2. Goal Oriented
  3. Task Oriented

By establishing relationships with individuals like this, it makes your journey to finding your purpose much easier and more efficient. Because people like this have a self-driven mission to accomplish. And for you to get to the next level… you need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that have gained clarity for themselves and their purpose.

You can’t find your purpose alone… you need to find the right people.

Join me and my students in MasterYourStutter so you can gain clarity for your purpose and surround yourself around individuals who want to seek growth in their speech, confidence and overall life.


-Daniel Francis

I Teach People How To Public Speak With Confidence & Overcome Stuttering