Why Public Speaking Techniques Fail You

Ever since I grew up with a severe stutter, I was told that techniques were the most effective way to overcome your stuttering. Many said that techniques were the only way I would be able to overcome my communication barriers. But after transforming my life and progressing in my communication, I realized that techniques aren’t the most suitable way to develop your speech. It’s actually much simpler than you may think.

When I first began my door-to-door sales career, my biggest flaw was that I believed that many would judge me due to my lack of confidence and my inability to communicate effectively. It felt like I was in the midst of a mental hurricane while trapped in a tiny bubble.

Right before I knocked on a door, I would say to myself, “I’m not going to be able to fully speak with confidence.” As a result, I didn’t make any sales for weeks and I truly believed in my heart that I wasn’t good enough within my communication.

As I was about to quit my sales career, I walked up to my sales manager and told him, “I know exactly what I have to do but it seems like nobody wants to buy anything from me…. I’m confused about what I’m doing wrong.” After expressing my emotions to him and telling him how I truly felt, he informed me that I should watch him for a full day and observe everything he does.

While I was observing him go door-to-door, I was completely blown away by his enthusiasm, passion, and the way customers viewed him. In fact, he was able to close 3 sales that day. It was extremely mind-blowing to me.

After witnessing this groundbreaking incident, I asked him,“What allowed you to become successful?” He proceeded to inform me that it was his belief system. “If you can’t believe in yourself, who can believe in you,” said my manager.

After hearing his input, I immediately took action on believing in myself the very next day. Right before I knocked on the door, I told myself,“I’m a confident communicator.” Once I knocked on the door and the customer let me inside his home and 30 minutes later I seized my first sale.

When you begin to shift your mindset on how you view yourself, that is when you become the confident speaker that you are destined to be. Your mindset is the only tool that creates the life, and person that you want to be. By changing your thought process and how you perceive yourself, you will begin to see the powerful changes within your communication.

In fact, I did a free training on the 5 Keys To Speaking With Authority. You will learn the power of how to speak with absolute authority without learning any techniques. If that’s something that you would like to gain access to, here it is.